We’ll be exploring five common mistakes nail art stickers, nail styles make when at hearing full coverage tips with Joe now there are different ways to adhere these tips like with Poly jail and glue but I’m gonna keep true to what I do on this channel and talk about the issue as it pertains to jail if you want to see the Poly gel method, comment below, and if we get enough buzz, I’ll go ahead and do it for you deal alright let’s do this greetings and welcome back to my channel, if you are new here I am paola paola ponce nails, dot, com and I help aspiring and current genres styles become thriving manicure sets.Being entrepreneurs in China, we talk Japanese show natural nails and business if it sounds like a fit for you then don’t leave without subscribing alright back to today’s topic full coverage tips mistake number one going with the wrong tips, the biggest mistake here is buying tips that are too sculpted most people do not have beautiful elongated nail beds that are sculpted with A C curve to them so they don’t fit the natural nails and you have to use a lot more jaw so you’re having a little bit of compatibility issue here you’re having a sculpted plastic nail on top of a flat natural nail so again most of us have flat natural nails or only a very natural c curve, not a sculpted one unless you want that sculptor look nothing wrong with it by tips from your preferred brand of full coverage tips that offer a rather natural curve to their tips I do not recommend that you buy sculpted tips.As your standard all fitting nail tip choice like for your clients, if you are unsure start with a brand of chips that you can mold you actually can kind of bend a little bit and then roll in A C curve to your liking I really like this start there and then see if you or your clients desire a more sculpted look and Japanese, shelly brown’s cocos and Korean brand from the nail offers such bull coverage tips, also if you’re going extreme length I do recommend these sculpted tips so again you probably know yourself, your client tail and what they want, so if they’re asking for those long nails, they will need a strong c curve, so I do recommend going sculpt it and when applying those sculptor tips do make sure you tip the finger downward as you’re applying the full cover tip and do it slowly and be ready to immediately freeze i.e. cure that Joe in place, okay. That’s going to allow for maximum control because usually when you have a sculptor tip, there is a big gap between the top of the tip and the natural nail you have to fill that gap with Joe and for that reason that joke can actually seep out or kind of get a little bit out of hand, so I do recommend you tip the finger downward and I’ve already done a video comparing a couple of brands to each other, so do check it out in my library or the card using the link above for coverage tips must take number two wrong tip size, so irregardless of whatever brand and style tip you choose fitting that full cover tape is Osaka crucial if you choose a size too small for the natural nail, you will most likely apply too much pressure to add here and that full cover tip could pop off and you can also go on the other side of the spectrum re-choosing a tip that is a bit bigger than that natural nail it’s going to adhere to in this case, if you do not.Interested tip to fit within the lateral nail folds, that’s like the skin surrounding the nail, then you or your client will have lifting as a result of the Joe or the plastic tip itself touching that skin all part of the full cover tip should be flushed to the natural nail remember that full coverage tips mistake number three to a little jail, OK so briefly I already alluded to using too much pressure to adhere the full coverage tip to the natural nails that usually will happen not only when you are trying to make that tip fit, but also when you have very little adhesion gel, and so you press down to get it to flow all over the natural now been there done that, so I understand the struggle, now the right viscosity chose important for adhesion, if you grab one that is too thin, it will run to the sides and cause lifting after being cured I do find that.Whatever adhesion jail, the manufacturer recommends typically also comes at the right viscosity so you do not need to figure this puzzle out, my friend, you go with the jail, the manufacturer recommends to avoid any headaches unless you have a tried and true method for something else, no headache zone here, so don’t give yourself any unnecessary ones, likewise grabbing too much joke can also be a mistake, so here’s my rule of thumb outline your phone coverage tip before putting it on the natural nail by putting as much Joe as the length of the nail bed, you are putting it on okay so you might have to rewind that outline your full coverage tip before putting it on the natural nail by putting as much Joe as the length of the nail bed, you are putting it on, then scrape the excess of your brush.Into a dollop at the cuticle end of the tip, this is typically the right amount of gel for proper adhesion, full coverage tips mistake number four too much pressure now is the time to really talk pressure when adhering these full coverage tips the most pressure should come when you are holding the tip at the cuticle and seriously seriously just breathe, relax, hold it at the base with gentle pressure, that’s the type of pressure, you need jen toe, grab your hand-held curing unit and cure five seconds and I wanted to count one two three four five then press the free edge slightly to allow the uncured gel to flow just until the end of the natural nail continue carrying then let go, once it all has set where you wanted to and cure I know that was a whole meditation scenery. You’re right when you look on the underside of the nail, you should neither have a gap or a bulge of gel and just about one centimeter thickness of gel is all that should be there okay a little more maybe OK full coverage tips up mistake number five not having your light source already to go totally guilty, this is almost like a life lesson in itself okay, so make sure that you are always ready and you stay ready for for whatever amount of lemons life gives you to make that lemonade girl okay, but seriously back to full coverage tips what happens when you squirm for your land, you lose control lose control so you lose this correct pressure amount that you work so hard that you breathe through right to achieve and get right in mistake number four okay so always remember size tip check adhesion job check handheld lamp check and I do.Recommend the handheld lamp, if you’re struggling because again the more squirming or reaching over the popular clients hand in a lamp, the more likely you are to displace that gel you work so hard to achieve and put into place okay, so how are you feeling now I want to hear from you, are you feeling like you’re ready to give the full coverage tips another go I hope these five mistakes really boost your confidence and if at the end of applying all these tips and tricks you decide that you simply just don’t have the patience for this type of service well at least you gave it a big fair shot right before I say goodbye to checkout.