You got a little boo bags was gonna not really stinging french tip manicure, no not right now given a minute, yeah that’s okay, so this nail is the worst so you can see the free edge is way back here and we’ve got the skin right here right, so a traditional tip is shaped like this, you see that I’ll put it against my black nail and you can see the scoop on the end, right nail art designs 2021.So with a traditional tip you get some glue and you usually put the glue here.And then you slide it onto the nail and the sides you want to make sure the sides are stuck there and you gotta press the center down so it stays and once that is the case then you want to sculpt and put the product in here and then you have to sculpt the whole nail and build the nail out these traditional tips already meant for professionals and it’s really to replace the paper form.Okay so that method is still requiring some professional skills.So, these tips came along and they’re making it so it’s trying to make sculpting nails or traditional tips so easy, it’s taking all the sculpting and the guessing of where the product should be smooth down the cuticle and thicker over top of the nail is taking all of the custom work out of it it’s like we’re all wearing basically the same shoe.If it’s you you’re lucky but that’s why they make lots of different sizes, so hopefully you find one that fits close enough, when you’re getting custom nails and someone’s putting a form on they are sculpting it specifically like a custom shoe or like a custom outfit designed specifically for your measurements.And that’s what we’re doing when we’re doing a sculpted nail by a trained professional, so in my opinion, it is not a replacement for a sculpted nail by professional nail technician, but it certainly can get you by, if you don’t have those skills and so I’m going to show you how to do that on a short nail so we’ve already prepped the nail this one is very very short, it’s actually quite easy and it can go very very fast, so again I’m going to ask you to put your little hand over here for a second okay, he wants them on so bad but I do have to buff up the inside of the nail just a little bit because we still want the adhesion, OK I’m just gonna buff up the inside, just a little bit and I’m just buffing up the area where I think it’s going to be going on the nail just that space not the whole thing so these things can go on super quick once you buff them up, it really is a very very quick procedure and that’s another advantage when I’m sculpting, if I’m going to sculpt grant’s nails, the whole entire set is going to take me about sixteen minutes.About 45 to sixty minutes and if we talk too much, maybe about an hour and ten minutes, so when I design a nail right from the form, I’m custom making that nail to fit his nail needs what he does in a day how busy is if he’s typing a lot compensating for all of that so I’m making it thicker in some spaces thinner in some areas just to completely design it to him, these are just going to be a guess and that’s sometimes good, it’s gonna be OK, I’ve taken the size and I’ve actually fit each and every finger and I’m gonna show you how I would place this down before I put product so I’m gonna put it right close to the cuticle and then I’m gonna lean it down and then I’m gonna hold a nuke it but you can’t really see underneath how much it’s grabbing onto the natural nail so I’m going to fill it inside with a little bit of hybrid gel whatever you’ve got or you can even do this with a gel now let me show you with the clear, it can be the same thing you can put the hybrid gel in here I’m going to lean in. And put it down, but it’s not as pretty if you can see I can see all of his natural male in there it’s not quite as pretty so I think you want to use the new now you put gel polish on it I see do you want to use the new door do you want to use the clear let’s use the nude okay so on that note, this is how quick it can go down, you just literally get a little bit of whatever hybrid shell that you are working with so I place the bead on there, and the idea of this is this is sort of like I have never worn dentures, but I imagine it’s much the same, if you get your dentures you put a bunch of goofy stuff and it sort of when you fit in it just fills in all those holes that’s what this is doing so by pressing this down, I’m literally just going to fill it in here, so when I press.Onto the nail, it’s just gonna fill in all the areas where it needs to be kind of filled in to create a nail and having the tip on the top part will do all of your shaping, so it makes you don’t have to file this doesn’t have to be super perfect in there because when you do this you’re gonna press it into the thumb which is what we’re gonna do right now, so this method I’m going to do here right now is no different than if we were to put a beat on top and then sculpt it and take the time to do so this is making it so we put it underneath and by pressing it in it’ll sort of sculpt on top removing all that extra work we’d have to do, I’m just going to press it down like this right into the cuticle area.MHM.And I’m pressing it onto the natural nail and I’m gonna hold it with me, thumb.And I’m gonna turn this guy on that’s what I like about these lamps, you can take the bottom off and you can just hold it to where you want, so I can do this for about ten seconds to hold it and then it will hold it in place more or less and then we can just continue.Ten seconds that’s all we need for just a flash can occur just to hold it in place and then we’re done here, we will nuke the whole thing at the end I’m learning new things, unless you’re a grant you become a nail technician, yeah no we’ve we’ve tried that no. So what I’m doing right now is I’m removing a bunch of excess of product, if you do get a little bit of excess you just can remove it.With the brush I will say when you’re doing this removal process.Don’t touch it with your finger in your skin all the time, if you keep doing that all that you could develop an allergy to that, so what you wanna do is dip it into the alcohol and then just kind of smooth it out and take it all out, you can actually work this with liquid monomer, but again if you’re using the monomer in this kind of fashion you’ll be putting monomer on top of the skin all the time and I would recommend but the alcohol you can do that with okay so look we’ve got a nice clean smooth cuticle and look at that.How fast it goes down great, thank you for watching this has been a great year not over yet, my friend, we got more to do so I’m gonna shorten this considerably because when a person has short nails, you don’t want to send them home with a super long nail, this is all about leverage, so this is sort of the rule, it’s a third third third so your little nail came up to about here remember that hmm, I’m going to take the distance between the cuticle to where your nail your natural nail ended and I’m going to cut that in half which is a third, a third a third in other words I’m going to take that half and stick it on the end, that’s how long the nail should be when you get your first set of nails, look at you with these fabrication, and so what I will do is I will shorten this down and this line here is about where the Poly jolly is actually where it kind of seeped underneath and filling all those little holes to make it nice and smooth and really secure, I’m gonna shorten it right there, so let’s go ahead and do the rest, I’m just gonna put a little bead in here just a little one I tend to put too much.I’m just gonna get used to putting a look anything, can I just say that this nail length is ridiculous, you don’t like it so I’m gonna hang how do people go about their day like this, if you want it, trust me you’ll find a way to go about your day, it’s gorgeous, um, nope, it’s a no from me I have to be honest with you I know long nails look cool and I wear them a lot, but most of my clientele I would say 98% of them are short nails because they’re practical, they want nice looking manicured nails that they’re functioning they’re moms, they’re working, they’re you know they can’t have long nails like I mean I could go a couple hours like this, maybe you should just for fun I should follow you around for a couple hours but it’s gonna be a workday can’t be just a French vanilla day, of course, of course.Did you have a French film today, maybe how many did you have that’s a real question, it’s early in the day, yeah so I’ve only had one you sound like you feel guilty over there’s a lot of judgment happening at this table right now that judgment was me I’m actually kind of jealous.Oh you’re not kind of jealous you’re quite jealous, you have a small French novel the other day and I shouldn’t have it.Yeah.Kay.Oh, wait, wait, stop your fingers too big for this, let’s go to this one, yeah I think I meant it for this one I threw suzy.You’re out of your comfort zone I do like to sculpt I can hear in your voice, you’re gonna be OK, it’s gonna be fine, we’re gonna make it an you sculpt OK, OK, I mean these do look really cool though look at that look how effortless that is’s a do I just I’ve never seen you work with tips no and um, you won’t see me do that, when I’m doing a client I would always opt to sculpt because I want to make sure that it’s completely custom fit to them that’s what I’m really good at that’s what I want to do.These are just um, if you don’t have those particular skills or you don’t want to take the time because it’s time-consuming to learn to do this, so this can get you buy it’s not going to compare to a sculpted nail but you know if you maybe you don’t want to wear them long term anyway, it’s maybe just for the halftime show and your j lo hmm just want to wear them for the show that’s what they are you comparing me to jail, oh yes grow, yeah you have a lot of similarities, yeah it’s just just a lot I performed at the super bowl in 2012, so I did I was impressed yeah thanks, thanks Cameron forgotten yeah remember that give it on tape. No, we forgot to ask you just don’t happen to have that on tape yeah we didn’t there was no tick talk, there was no Snapchat at the times that no one no one got it, sorry I failed destroyed zero sum sort of wardrobe malfunction, yeah that’s right, it was a large public that would be my type of superbowl performance I don’t know.This is a little tiny pinky, so just a little tiny bean, I’m counseling myself, they’re gonna remind myself because I’ll just put too much in there.Resist, yeah.It’s a little different when you’re sculpting, if you put too much on it’s okay cause, you can sculpt it all off right but in this particular case, if you put too much on I mean you can take it out of the cuticle, but it really can get very clumpy underneath and it’s a bit more of a pain so you want to really learn what your estimated guesses your guest a guest okay here we go with z can idea of how long that took and theyre all on now pretty fast, yeah yeah, we didn’t have an awkward pause in our conversations, it’s coming but it’s okay for sure, definitely okay, so now we can literally let’s just give you a full nuke will just do a little full sixty seconds.Is that counting yep okay, look how quick that was and then I will just turn off the end, and then if I want to get a little jiggy with the cuticle, I’ll fix the cuticle make sure space is smooth and we just topcoat and you’re good to go, wow pretty quick and this is very fast, hmm.Yeah.I I get it I get why folks would would do this, this is like getting a pop tarts more rather than making your own smalls like it’s it’s really good food, yes yes because it’s like really good in a pinch, it’s quite satisfying, it’s not quite a hundred percent that’s true, but you know you’re like getting there, that’s one way you could do that look at that and I even got better, there’s no cuticle issues like I did with them every time you do something, it just takes more and more practice right, so it doesn’t work out don’t get discouraged right, that’s right, you just keep trying, I mean I’ve done the tips a few times always on camera actually and I’ve learned something with them every single time you just learned stuff and that’s what it’s about just learning.And don’t be afraid to make mistakes, goodness knows I make a lot of them a lot, don’t get carried away, now you have to make mistakes right in order to improve you have to make z so you can file this, you can hand file this so you can even clip them with a clip or I’m just going to quickly effect, now this is a pretty soft product to file right through so I’m just gonna file length, I’m going to chop down a tree, I’ve seen you do this before yeah I can’t remember the video no, I can’t either but I was equally anxious, sometimes I’m going to neath, and sometimes you can just pop right back, oh it freaks me out a little bit scared, yeah there you go now wouldn’t file the surface unless you’re going to put something on top.Of it, but I would kind of stay away from the surface, once you put something on the surface then you’re gonna have to try to finish it in another way, but if you don’t touch the surface, it’s already perfect for you now I’m gonna take the free edge and I’m just going to shape it up, but again don’t touch the surface you could literally just leave that and grant you could be on your way or you can buff it ever so slightly with a very gentle sanding, sponge type file, and then you can put a gel coat on top okay so the beauty of doing this full coverage tip on a bitten down, nail is that when it’s really uneven underneath, look how smooth you can make it on top right, that’s what makes bitten nails a little harder to do because when you put the form underneath, sometimes it’s hard to line the form up or even that tip that I showed you the traditional tip is nothing for the nail to grab onto but a full tip.Are you a full tip coverage okay so I’m gonna go ahead and shorten all these up we’ll take a look at the final little cute nails so part of being a growing nail technician is criticizing your work and it can be hard to do I’m sure grant could help me, oh yes oh yes, so I’m looking at this and what do I like about it, what can I improve upon now I’m going to be very critical and I think it’s kind of good to always do that so you can always get better, so if I scrutinize this finger and I pull back the skin to see how the side.There’s no gap this side it’s pretty straight, it’s pretty good, it’s captured all of his natural nail I didn’t see this when I applied it and I should have been a little bit more rocking it back and forth to see it, but I didn’t see it see that gap me no likee, now, this was sculptured nails I could add a bead of acrylic in there or gel and sculpted in and blend it into the top but we’re trying to avoid that extra step but I can’t do this, so if I want to fix this I would file it off or soak it in acetone, let it float off and then I reapplied a better fitting tip which might mean I have to pick a little bigger, one or just maybe move it and shifted a little bit better but I wish I’d paid more attention to that, another thing I can get better at will be the educated guess of the bead, this finger was a little bit bigger and you can see the difference between the end of the color of this end and that end.