I screenshot it and I thought it looked super cool and what this girl did is she took just for men as you can see here scabbing day by day microblading healing process, color and put it into her brows and not only did it teach her brow hairs, but also the skin so you almost get like a semipermanent brow and have my brows in place microblading day by day.And looking sleek e without having to do anything like micro blading or to paint on my brows with a maid as they usually do so I’m super excited to try this I have tried products in the past that are like kind of a similar idea, um, there was one it was oh it was baie cute house I believe it was and it looked kind of like this, like a colored brow gel, this is wunder brow, if you guys haven’t heard it before but it was like a brow gel that you painted on pretty thickly, and then you would peel it off and then it would steam your skin underneath and you would have that stain for a couple days, the problem with that was that it kind of it didn’t have a crisp line whatsoever especially as you know the days went on so it’s kind of like it kind of got really orange and warm looking, and it also bled out a bit so it was like a fuzzy like blurry orange brow.So, so I’m hoping this would be kind of a cool new way to have kind of a semipermanent brow situation where I could do it once every week or every couple weeks and then my brows would like bomb, it just saved me a lot of time in the morning and maybe if it works out it could be something that you try at home as well I don’t know if I can actually recommend it because you’re putting color near your eyeballs which is dangerous right, so hey follow at your own risk you know what I mean, but I am super pumped to try it I have no makeup on my brows right now, um as you can see they’re pretty thin, I mean I’m a nineties girl right pretty thin I don’t really have a tail whatsoever, um, and I would like to add you know thickness I like my brows to be deeper in color I always do I don’t like a kind of.Lighter brow a brow that should suit me more, naturally I like them to be deep and dark, so we’re gonna try to do that, I’m really I’m kind of nervous I’m not gonna lie, okay, so this is the product that we will be using today as I showed you briefly before this is the just for men, mustache and beard color gives the ones that look like this in the box, they had some other ones as well and the only difference that I noticed was that those colors said that it automatically stops processing after a certain amount of time and I don’t know if I wanted to do that.So I got this I got medium brown in real black, they did not have dark brown, but one thing I do like is to have a more you know, light, a kind of natural front, and since I am going to be making my brows a lot Fuller I would like to maybe start with the lighter one, and then I’ll save the real black shade and either mix it in with a medium brown or use it on its own to either create hair strokes or to you know create kind of this bottom portion, fill it out and then at the tail, of course, so we’ll see just gonna kind of work as we go and see what happens on camera, so yeah I’ll be using that and then I have my cellar water and some cotton rounds to cleanup.Okay so I opened up the medium brown package first and it looks like it comes with a little mixing tray, some directions and then like a developer in color color base.Comes with this beard comb, but I will not leave that instead to apply I’m just going to be using my favorite brow tool, this is the e 75 angled brow brush, it just has a really nice kind of thin brush and it’s from as well so I feel like it will just do the best job, hopefully what am I doing okay, it says to wear gloves but I’m gonna skip that okay it says to mix half developer and half color base, so I’m just gonna put just a little dot I guess I like that they have kind of twist tube, so I can use this over and over again. If I decide that I would like to do that.It’s too early to tell I’m just going to kind of clean up the brow area I was pretty careful not to get any makeup around this area but just in case.Want to make sure it’s nice and clean, I’m scared alright, so I have a little bit mixed up in my tray here as you can see I was kind of hoping it would develop to be a little bit of a deeper color, this is gonna be kind of difficult to map out the crush the correct shape, excuse me using something that.Relatively clear.Whoa, let’s get this off all right I’m just taking some of my cellar water on a cotton round and where’s my mirror, I’m just gonna start taking off the color, oh good, it’s not so dark.Wola actually.Ha, alright you guys we’re looking pretty good, I’m actually really liking this so far I need a little bit more work on the tail ends I would like them to be a little bit darker even though some of you watching are probably like stop there, but what I think I’m gonna do is I think I’m gonna mix a little bit of the medium brown in just so the black isn’t so black a little bit nervous about what.Shade, it will be it really just ended up being about half and half it’s kind of hard when you’re using such little product, so at the end of all this, it’s really just gonna be black is what’s looking like okay and I’m just going to use a tiny bit on my brush to start.And where do I want to start here I’m definitely gonna work on underneath my brow over here since I made that goof up so maybe I’ll be able to fix it using black.Or make it worse, we’ll see and I’m going to throw some of this in my tail.And same on the other side.Since I’m here I’m gonna dip back into the medium brown since I already have that mixed. And I am going to put um, these two sides are a little bit uneven.This one seems to be a little bit taller is that the words I’m just gonna throw.A little bit of medium brown.Here to hopefully even that out, OK that is all I’m going to do for these and I’m gonna develop again for about five minutes and see the final product so far I’m pretty impressed it might just be about how long it lasts now at this point, all right it’s been five more minutes, so let’s do the same thing as we did before and wipe off the remaining product.Yeah guys I like this.I do like it shoot right, so I just wiped everything off and I actually ended up just going back in super quickly with medium brown on some spots that looked a little bit patchy so once this is done developing I’ll definitely jump back on to show you guys a close-up of what it actually ends up looking like. Alright the last five minutes is up so for reference I went in three separate times in total so I’m gonna wipe off the rest of the product and see when we’re going on alright, so we are done processing and we’re all cleaned up I have no powder or anything on my brows currently nor did I clean anything up with concealer or anything like that, so I’m going to give you guys a quick close-up at what we’ve got going on, you’ll notice some patch enos and a couple spots actually kind of quite a few spots but that’s something that I could really easily I’m hoping fixed with powder in the morning and this kind of gives you a nice template, so I’m thinking so far I’m really embarrassed with how it came out, I mean that ended up being kind of tricky I feel like you have to kind of know your brow routine fully like exactly where you place your brows.Because you will be doing it almost blindly working with a clear product but.A I do fit that mold so that was on the easier side for me, but overall I’m actually really happy with the outcome now if this only lasts for a few days, this is absolutely not something I will continue to do, that’s why I would make sure that you subscribe to my channel click the subscribe button down below, so you can see my update video in a week or two here depending on how long it lasts, but a so far so good, this is definitely something I could see keeping up with and just doing on you know sunday, if it means that I just have an easier quicker time getting ready in the morning or before filming or what have you so now I’m gonna give you a close-up. Alright, so here is what we have going on so far and what’s tricky about this is that because my skin is exposed, it’s shiny and making it look patchy or um, in all the bright lights that I have going on here, so there’s that but overall pretty good looking I will say I’m pretty impressed with how it looks.But you can see that there’s some kind of patch enos, I’m kind of throughout the brow so you know if that’s something that you’re not going to be okay with are not going to want to fix when you do your makeup again, you’re not gonna love this I’m actually gonna quickly going with a brow powder.