It’s the benefit brow micro filling pen different types of microblading, so it’s basically like a felt tip I bro Penn has a very liquid formula and it’s meant to create that feathery micro bladed eyebrow, look it retails for 25, dollars there’s four different shades which I think is a decent shade range and there’s also point zero two ounces of product I’m not going to spend too much talking at the beginning, I’m going to jump right into the demo where, I show you how it works and I also talk about what I like about it and what I don’t like about it and how I personally like to wear it but thank you so much for watching if you want to subscribe, go ahead and give this video like if you enjoyed it, so in this little segment on be talking more about the benefit micro filling pen, what I like about it, what I don’t like about it, I’m also going to zoom in and get really close and show you how I apply it I probably used it about four or five times now and I really do like it so I’m excited to show it to you so as you can see there’s like three little felt tip type things at the end microblading vs microshading.It’s kind of similar to like the glossier boy brow flick I think, but these tips are a little bit more rounded, which is something I wish benefit would have made a little bit more sharp because I feel like if they were sharper you could really get that, like really flipped up brow, look a there are two ways to use this pencil so you can hold it like this.And do a line down like that, or you can flip the pencil and kind of use flicking motions which is more so how it’s intended to be used, you can create those little brow strokes, the only thing that I’m not the biggest fan of too with this is that you kind of have to practice and get good at it because you can just if you do it too heavily you end Lou pritchett a thick little blob, you can have to practice getting that motion.In really learning how to make those flick Marks that’s honestly it for cons about this pencil I think there’s just a learning curve with it, but other than that I think it serves its purpose, and it really does help create a feather micro bladed, eyebrow look I do sort of wish the product came with spooks have to use my morphine one when I do my eyebrows, but you can just buy one for a Dollar on the side, it’s not a deal breaker but it’s something I wish benefit could have added and before I jump in and show you how I use it about the formula, it’s super liquidity and I was kind of worried I thought that a liquidity brow would mean that it would move all day long or like you know just like melt basically but it actually lasts all day long and it does say the product is waterproof, which I haven’t tested but I believe it because I fell asleep accidentally, my eyebrows, so I didn’t have any makeup but just my eyebrows and they lasted all night long I woke up and they looked the exact same and that was also with the anastasia clear brow gel, so I believe it that they last all day it says, this was the last 24 hours to okay now that I’m like super zoomed in I’m gonna show you how I use the product so first I go.This bully and I brush my eyebrows up to get that like feathery look, now I don’t like to fill in my eyebrows, a lot, but when I do I like to focus on all the areas that are kind of bolted like later I like to kind of define my arch a little bit more, and then a little bit on the ends, but I try not to focus any product in here because I have a habit of going overboard with eyebrows and I’m trying not to do that again.I try to hold it pretty straight on I feel like that’s how you get the thinnest lines.I try to really.Go along this line and kind of fill in some of these areas.And then when I’m doing like the top right here I go more of a straighter motion to get a straighter line.But I still like to flick it.Lightly.And then for the tail I do those straight line motions again sort of down but I use it very, very lightly because I’m always scared to go overboard, once I apply that product I go back in with my spool e it’s basically the practice of going in with the spooky going on with the pen going into the spool e and just kind of going back and forth and seeing how I like them, there’s a little bit of.Balding right here, some of.Flick up I really think this can be great if you don’t have that much eyebrow hair I do kind of a lot and I don’t need to fill my eyebrows that much but I do prefer this pen because I’ve used other eyebrow pencils and they just look too like dull and straight, and these really get those eyebrow hair lines.Okay, so that’s actually literally, all I do in my eyebrow, it’s very simple and then I just go in and set it with the anesthesia clear brow gel, so I’m all zoomed out, and my eyebrows are done, I hope I kind of went over everything in the demo I know this video isn’t too long, I feel like there’s not that much to say about eyebrow pencil, but I think you should really look into this, if you want to achieve that feather brow, look a micro blading eyebrow look, there’s also other felt pens on the market like the glossy a flick pen which is just one felt tip, but it’s really really sharp, and I think anesthesia anesthesia just came out with a new one too, but I think I heard kind of bad things about that one, so maybe don’t try that one, but if you’re looking to achieve that look I would recommend trying this its only 25 dollars I really like it, the fact that it’s waterproof and smudge proof claims to last 24 hours which we’ll see maybe I’ll test that out, um I think that’s great I think that’s kind of why I prefer it probably over the glossy one but I really do like this product, I’ve tried so many different like eyebrow products and this is my favorite one I’ve ever tried, I’m just not a fan of eyebrow pencil.I think they’re too dull and it’s just they don’t look like real eyebrows, they make my eyebrows just like bulky and fake, but this one has a more natural look to it and I also think it’s great for beginners, it’s really hard to overdo it with this product and it has a natural finish rather than a blocked out black eyebrow and I think for the shade range, this color blonde even though I’m obviously not a blonde is the best for brunettes I would recommend going a shade down if you’re brunette and going a shade up.