Please hit that subscribe and I would love for you to be a part of the makeup of live 85 family airbrush gun, you guys are curious I am wearing the top I’m in this today and sorry in today’s video I am going to be showing you how I do, my brows using the benefit micro filling pen, so the brown micro filming pen in the color is deep brown, this was not sent to me for a review, I’m not on any PR list or anything like that I purchased with my own money and as always all my reviews are honest and I happen to really really really like this product enough that I brought more just in case I run out so as you can see I have one of my brows already done, I feel like it gives me that brow laminae, Shun look without the shine because I think the brow illumination has some type of shine to it, um, if you don’t know what I’m referring to it kind of looks like paasche airbrush.You ever seen feathered brows but they’re more flat like they’re stuck on your head like if you ever seen the soapy brow or any brow gel, it’s really gonna hold your brows up like this, that’s what brow elimination is except it’s like a chemical treatment due to your brow that’s supposed to be lasting for a little while I don’t think it’s permanent I think it’s semipermanent, um, but it’s not an option for me because if this is your first time here, I’ll let you know my eyebrows are tattooed, this is a very old tattoo, I have like almost no hairs I probably have maybe ten ha, so that’s what my brows look like if you guys have been here for a long time, you know the whole Rao story, so I have to draw my brows, everytime I do my makeup.But with this pen, it makes it so much easier I usually take up to twenty minutes doing my eyebrows and with this pen, each brow takes about five minutes, so ten minutes, my brows are done so it cuts it in half, so I love it, so let’s get started alright, so when I do my brows I only need a very little product, I need a brow primer, so I use my Mac painterly paint pot, as always painfully in the bottom, you always need some type of primer on your brows because if you don’t throughout the day, your face starts to clog grease from the environment and or maybe that’s just your regular skin type on your skin type could just be oily but after a while your make-up starts to shift the worst thing a person’s face could look like is when their eyebrow starts to look greasy.Alright so you start to get that oily shine on your eyebrows, you could prevent that by using a primer and powder okay so, um I use the Mac painterly paint pot to prime my eyebrows might do not have the problem with the shiny browse throughout the day, I’m to do my eyebrows, I’m going to be using the micro filling pen in deep brown, like I told you, I’m and this is precisely my brow pencil, this also benefit you don’t have to use this of course you don’t have to use any of the products that I’m using I’m just showing you how I do, my brows and this is in the shade 4.5 so both of these are by benefit, um, then I’m going to use a concealer to clean up which is the NY X conceal correct and contour palette which looks like this and this is in the shade light and I’m mix all three of these colors to get a color similar to my symptoms. To set my brow, I’m going to use the rebel stay matte long lasting pressed powder, and this is in the shade transparent, um, if you guys have been following for a long time, I’m never gonna let this baby go, it is my absolute absolute favorite powder, so it’s like if it’s not broken why fix it I’m not gonna try replace with anything else unless rumble decides they’re going to continue and then I’m screwed.Alright, so let’s get started first I’m going to prime my brow and I’m using a Mac painterly paint pot and the brush I’m using is just a brush that I use all the time from my primer which is the real techniques, the deluxe crease brush, but I do not use it in my crease, because honestly this brush is so fat, why would I use that in my crease that would take up my entire eye space, so I use it as a primer brush.Then I just pad out the edges make sure it doesn’t look crazy.And then I’m gonna hit my back one more time.Like right here to try to cover up that tattoo even more.I feel as though even though it’s been wow way over ten years since I last got my eyebrows tattooed.I I thought it would be more faded, and it’s like it just stopped this is where it’s staying so I’m just dealing with it.Now that the tattoos almost cover you can kind of see the little hairs that I have like there’s so few let me zoom you guys then if there’s there’s so few there’s so little.Trying to flick them up, yeah that’s it that’s what I’m working with that’s it guys you’re not coming back I don’t know what happened well, actually I do know what happened but they’re not coming back alright, so now that it’s nice and kind just gonna let that set for a little bit, if you have like actual brows, you guys could always not glue your brows, use some type of like soap brow ora. What is that called cobra or or or the eyebrow gel that makes your hairs you know stand up, you could also use that as well so your hair is not just like falling down because natural eyebrow hair goes this way you want them to stand straight up if you require that laminate Shun brow look.Alright, so I’m gonna go ahead and take my precisely my brow pencil in the shade 4.5 and I’m gonna create my eyebrow shape the tail end of my brow says here I’m actually gonna go a little higher to bring my eyes a little up because as you can see I am getting a little older, my skin is not agreeing with me these days. But it’s OK we’re gonna make it work, it’s life.So I’m just creating hope you guys can see I’m trying to look at this one mirror, I’m just trying to match the brow shape that I did on the side.Ooh, that’s too high.I should be OK, it’s not bad.So we’ll go at that point.Alright that’s going to stop it’s just basically to give you an idea where your brow is going to go you don’t want to bring the hairs below that line and that part is completely optional, if you don’t want to do that, that’s fine. But for me I have to do that because I have my tattoo brow, so I need to see where it’s going to go now I’m taking the micro filling pen, it has three prongs on it, so it looks like you guys could see that it looks like that there’s three little prongs that come that makes the hair strokes, now the color.It’s as deep brown right, the color is not deep brown.I was disappointed when I first got it because I’m like that is way too light it’s supposed to be deep brown, and this is the darkest shade, they have some deep brown no so look at my brow and look at the swatch, you see that I got darker, so I’m gonna show you guys how to get darker because you can get a darker alright, so when you’re holding this you want to make sure that the tips all three of the prongs are going to be touching your skin and flicking upwards creating hair like strokes, if you’re holding it an odd angle, you can create one huge line, so I won’t do won’t do, um.The correct stroke, you wanna make sure you’re at.I can’t do this, I’m trying to like see.You want to do three like that you don’t want to hold a word angle and create a big mess, okay alright so while you’re going you’re going to make sure the three prongs are going as you’re going towards your art, you want to make sure you shift the brush a little bit to make sure all three of the problems are still touching so you don’t start creating you know big splotches.You see how it’s like creating little hair strokes.And as I’m going over here, kind of tilting the brush a little bit to make sure all of the prongs are still touching my skin.Alright, now that you got the shape that you want your gonna wanna take your concealer, so I’m going to mix those three shades that I had showed you before on the back of my hand to warm it up.And I’m gonna clean up the bottom of my brow.And then whatever is leftover on the brush, I’m gonna use that to clean up the tail, so I’m gonna get the tail like that.Perfect that primer brush from before I’m gonna go ahead and blend out this concealer. And then I’m just gonna flick it up into the front.Lighten up those little fake hair shrinks.Am eyebrow.It’s way off see they’re not.So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take one prong the longest prom that’s the only one that needs I’m gonna tilt brush, so just the longest pong is touching my skin.Yeah I’m just gonna create a little tiny hair strokes.Alright so that should be good, just going to pat a little better than concealer.Now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take your translucent powder powder brush and just pat.On top of your eyebrow.These eyebrows are not going anywhere, guys.Alright, once you have that take your micro filling pen once again and you’re gonna go over what you just did, but in random spots, this is going to make it look like your eyebrows have more dimension, so for me because I don’t have hairs gonna make look like it’s not just one flat just looks like strokes, it’s gonna bring a dimension is going to look like I have hairs in front of the other hairs like it’s gonna draw it forward and make it look more realistic.And it’s also darkening it up.So you say because you building color on top of the other color, if you were to put this just on top of the previous strokes that we did without the powder in between, they would kind of blended together and gave the same color, but because you put the powder on setting that other layer it now makes it look darker because you put it on top of that first layer, but it has a layer of powder between because you set it, if that makes sense.Alright, so now that I’m you finish the second layer on top of that powder and it looks darker just gonna go ahead and just pat them I’m just using whatever powders leftover on the brush to make sure everything is set and that is it, that is how I do my eyebrows with the micro filling pen, it takes half the time, it is amazing I love this product, and if you have not gone out and pick this one up I suggest you do give it a shot because I love it, um I have to say when, I did first get in the mail I thought I did purchase with my own money when I did first get it when I was trying it out I didn’t like the first time I did it because it was new, it was light I didn’t you know it didn’t live up to what I was seeing in the ads for it, so it does take a little bit of trying so that’s why I made this video to help you guys along with it because the color can get darker you can make your brows look how you want them.Look, so this is the finished look of my eyebrows.