I’ve seen this around for like a month or two now and it really really piqued my interest because of the whole micro blading trend that’s happening right now I dare not do it because airbrush kits.I just can’t I can’t I could never even get a tattoo like I’m just so afraid of needles and anything sharp coming at me airbrush compressor kit, especially my face like I probably could not do it and I just saw alissa Ashley’s video in which she got like this crazy allergic reaction from micro blading and I’m like okay convince me I’m never doing anything like that, and so instead of doing something more permanent or semipermanent, such as the actual micro blading I decided that I tried this so that’s what we’re gonna be doing today, now purchase through Walmart, um, they only have two shades universal tope and dark brown, which is the one I have right here I was planning on purchasing both and see which one worked best but universal tope was out of stock and so I was stuck with dark brown, hopefully it doesn’t look too dark on my brows will see though it retails for about five us dollars I’ve seen it retail for a little bit more a little bit less just.Depending on who you go through the website describes it as a brown marker that features a three prong applicator that mimics natural brow hairs for flawless natural looking results, it is perfect for filling in sparse areas or sculpting a full arch, this bunch proof formula applies effortlessly dries quickly and creates the sought-after micro bladed brow effect, we shall see what this looks like one supplied on the brow as far as how to use this you’re supposed to first brush your brow hairs upwards with us fully then you go in with the actual brown marker and lightly apply short strokes following the natural shape of your brow, lastly you go back with your fully in order to blend everything out alright, so now I’m going to zoom all in so you can see exactly what I’m doing and exactly what this looks like on the brows.Okay, so now that I have you all up close and personal we’re gonna start off with the bully.Just brush upward.OK, just like that okay, so now it’s time for application here.Kind of nervous okay, so let’s do this.Okay I like that.Let’s follow the direction of.My brown hair is here. Okay so I’m no expert which is why this looking awful in my opinion, this is quite deep too, so let’s see.So now I’m just going in with one side so I’m not applying it this way, I’m like tilting it to where it’s um to where I can just get the side of a tip.I’m gonna do that.So it absolutely looks a lot Fuller and it does give you little hair like strokes, but you have to be very careful to be very light handed with it because the dark brown is as you can see fairly dark and so if you just get very heavy handed like I did in some spots, it doesn’t look very flattering, so I’m gonna blend it out here and see see what we get because right now it’s just looking.A little bit too deep here.So it blends out really nicely and the one thing that I really am loving is what it did right here, the front portion of my brow is always the one that gives me the most trouble I always try not to let it look too incredibly boxed in right here at the front and this makes it look a lot more natural, so I love what it’s doing at the front there it’s blending out really nicely.And it’s giving me more of a natural looking brow, you can still see my sparseness through here, however it did deep in my brow, I mean if you can compare it to this one it deepened it quite a bit and it shaped, it also, and it doesn’t look um. It doesn’t look too incredibly filled in with a marker, it doesn’t say whether or not you can like, do it again and then blend it out and continue to do it over and over until you achieve your desired results I’m just going to guess that you can so I’m going to go back with a marker and just apply more like light strokes especially here along the bottom where I feel like I have a lot of sparse areas.I’m just following my brow.Okay so it’s starting to look a lot better I think going into second time really helped, um, so now let’s blend it out a little bit more.Alright, so I actually really like the way this looks I’m pleasantly surprised, um I didn’t think that I would like a marker on the brows I’m more of a palm aid or a brow pencil kind of girl, um, but this.This looks really good I like the fact that the frontier looks very, very just like light and more natural and I love the fact that it looks like I just have a little bit more hair, I’m actually really really blown away by this marker, one thing I forgot is that it does claim to be bug proof, so I’m gonna try.So there you have it, these are both brows done I really like the way that they turned out, um I find that this is a really good tool to save you time or at least it did especially on this one I went in doing it the same way that I did this one but then I just kind of blended out and filled in a little bit further with a pencil in that way, you still get the hair like strokes and you don’t have to fill in as much it still looks really really nice, it looks more natural than when I usually do them with just a pencil, so glad I was able to find this because yeah like I said it’s gonna save me some time.