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Welcome to our international company focused on bridging the cultural and linguistic divides between Japan, the United States, and Asia.


About Our Company

Yuto Corporation KK (雄途コーポレーション株式会社) is an international corporation focused on the development of international business opportunities between Asia, Japan, and the United States. This will include an import/export business for goods, as well as more cultural social exchange through language, cafes, and other businesses, including internet media.

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Go Go Eigo! ENglish Lessons

Go Go Eigo! is focused on providing the highest level of English instruction by using a blend of the latest technology and exceptional teachers.

drinks, inc. cafe

Drinks, Inc. cafes also cater to those who wish to have great, international drinks in a fun, safe, third space environment. (In development)


Bringing diverse goods to Japan from Taiwan, Vietnam, and the United States. (In development)

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